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About Us

Toffler Associates (TA) was founded in 1996 by world-renowned futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler. Through their many writings and countless appearances all over the globe, Alvin and Heidi became preeminent thought leaders of their time on the subject of the future.


The Toffler Legacy

Bearing our founders’ namesake, Toffler Associates was created to carry on their legacy of prescient thinking. But we take it one step further by translating that thinking into action.

Insight and Action

We know that when armed with both insight into the future and actionable strategy to get there, organizational leaders gain the confidence and optimism required to take their companies through tough times. By partnering with Toffler Associates, our clients become more aware of impending risks and opportunities, and agile enough to meet the future head-on.

TA clients join the ranks of thousands of the world’s best-known and accomplished pioneers in business and government – from Ted Turner, Carlos Slim Helú, and Steve Case to Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan – who were inspired to great success by the Tofflers’ vision of a rapidly-changing world.

Today’s Thought Leader

The baton has been passed, and we have taken over where Alvin and Heidi left off.  Toffler Associates is proud to be today’s thought leader when it comes to the future.  By continuing to pursue a deep understanding of the world yet to come, our firm remains poised to have great impact developing leaders and their organizations of tomorrow.



Quote Quote

We are proud of what TA is doing, it has become a significant influence for dealing with the issues organizations are facing in the future, as distinct from other consulting firms that are still dealing with the past.

Alvin Toffler,

Quote Quote

We could not create a consulting company like all the others. We had to create a company that addressed Third Wave problems. We started TA with a great deal of hope and the result has exceeded our wildest imagination.

Heidi Toffler,